pray30 | Jesus Saves


pray30 | Jesus Saves

We are encouraging our church to pray 30 particular prayers, Monday-Friday, for the 30 days leading up to Good Friday. SIGN UP to receive our pray30 daily prayers text, by texting pray30 to 22383 -    or see prayers posted here daily. 


 FEB 21. Day 3: Pray, “God I thank you for the people you have placed in my life, even when they are difficult.  Help me to not take them for granted.  Empower me to love them both in what I say and how I respond to them.”

FEB 20.  Day 2: Pray, “God, I confess that I sin against you in word, thought and deed everyday. I thank you that Jesus died, not only to forgive me, but also to change me to be more like him.  May my words, thoughts, and deeds be changed by your grace today to bring you glory.”

FEB 19.  Day 1: Pray “God, you made and saved me to enjoy you.   Today, please help me to see you as my source of joy.  Confront and remove all the thoughts and feelings that I have today which suggests that true satisfaction is found outside of you.”