Worship Pastor Search 2018


Worship Pastor Search 2018



Hi there; Justin here! I’m the chairperson of our worship pastor search team.

I’m excited to bring you an update on our Worship Pastor Search.

In March, the team (see list of team members below) began meeting to pray, discuss recruitment strategies, and to create documentation and materials for hiring a worship pastor. After developing a job description and establishing an application process, the job opening was posted on several recruitment websites, as well as through our association’s various connections.

You may recall that we were looking for a worship pastor that would be able to serve our church in three areas of ministry, in order:
Music Ministry, as a worship leader. (duh!)
Pastoral Ministry
Technical Ministry
In total, we received 25 applications. As it turned out, the first application we received was from the man we ultimately recommended to the elder board for hiring!

Rather than me introducing him, let’s hear from him directly:

As we got to know Ryan Clair, we clearly identified that he would be the right fit for our church. He is a highly recommended worship leader, musician, audio/video/lighting-technology expert, and most importantly, a pastor. This man has a great pastor’s heart!

Ryan has known Pastor Jake for many years; they knew each other back in California, almost 20 years ago.

The worship pastor search team, and other members of our community had a chance to meet Ryan and his wife, Mary, when they came out to visit Jake & Laurie and explore the area several weeks ago. Conversation was easy and a connection was made by all. They really enjoyed their time in Shelton and mentioned that they felt like they were already a part of the community.

Ryan comes to us via a small town, similar to Shelton, in rural Minnesota. He has over 20 years of experience as a worship leader and has served in small churches, rural churches, and larger multi-site churches. He is proficient in today’s worship technology and has a broad range of music styles.

Ryan responded impressively and in-depth to each of the steps of our application process, including a written Philosophy of Worship; a thorough Ministry & Theology Questionnaire; an in-person get together; and a very pointed interview. He was also interview directly by the elders as a part of their process. We even did a secret shopper experience at his church in Minnesota while he led worship! The search team also conducted six reference checks, all returning glowing reviews and a strong recommendation to hire.

We are excited to have Ryan join us next Sunday, June 10 to lead us in worship. We’ll have our annual congregational meeting following second service, so plan to stick around or go have breakfast and come back.

Please contact me, or Pastor Jake if you have any questions or would like to learn more.

*Worship Pastor Search Committee Members: Anne-Marie Nakhla, Barb Johnson, Pastor Jake Magee, Pastor James Dale, Jeff Watson, Jeremy Cleveland, Chairman Justin Holzgrove, Shalisa Smith, and Trinity Sims.