Small Group Questions


Small Group Questions

Welcome to Small Groups ~ WHERE EVERYONE BELONGS! 
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You Need Community and Community Needs You

Message Note & Questions 


We aim to be a people of TRUTH, with CHARACTER, in COMMUNITY, on MISSION.  Some 200 plus church family members gather together in small groups every week throughout Mason County striving to develop Jesus' 'Great Commission' as a way of life.  We gather to live life together and experience the gospel in ways impossible by ourselves.  Our time is spent learning and understanding the Bible (TRUTH), applying it to our lives through prayer and encouragement (CHARACTER), sharing life's joys and struggles (COMMUNITY), and serving our neighbors (MISSIONS). 

Whether you are new to our FBC family or you have been here a while, there is a Small Group in your neighborhood waiting for you.  The leadership of FBC strongly suggests Small Groups with conviction participation in this platform is one of the best ways to grow in the Gospel of Jesus.