New Here?


New Here?

Visiting a church for the first time can be nerve-racking. You have questions. Will everyone be wearing a suit and tie? NO! Are my children welcome? YES! We think that having an idea of what to expect can help.

Sunday Worship

  • 9:00 am and 10:30 am start times and 5:00 pm Latino
  • Childcare and Sunday School are available during both morning services 
  • All ages are welcome in our worship services!

Our friendly door greeters will gladly direct you to Sunday School classes, childcare, the nursing mother's room, and answer any questions.

What to Expect during "church?"

We are Christians, Jesus people. This means every Sunday will involve learning about and worshiping Jesus. We exist to make and to be made a people of TRUTH, with CHARACTER, in COMMUNITY, on MISSION. You will see the pastor open up the Bible and teach TRUTH. Our body will join together and use our voices to worship our Savior.

What Should I wear?

Clothes! Our church is a diverse group of believers. Some people enjoy wearing their "Sunday best" while others prefer their socks, sandals, shorts, and t-shirts.

Do I need to give money?

If you are a visitor at Shelton FBC we are not asking for your money. Honest! Our belief is that giving is a part of worshiping our Savior and supporting the mission and vision of the local church. Our hope is that as you grow in relationship with Jesus and see our vision, giving will become a natural and even enjoyable part of your Christian life.

Do you have more questions?

Call or email our church office and we'll gladly answer your questions. We can arrange to have a friendly person or family meet you and show you around the church!
360.426.8461 or or use our online form
FBC Office hours:
8:35-3:30 Monday - Thursday - Closed on Fridays & all major holidays.
428 W. Cota St
Shelton, WA 98584